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Purchasing a wheelchair is a very personal decision. The right wheelchair for you will depend on a large number of factors including such factors as your health and mobility, budget, weight, environment and of course how you intend to use your wheelchair.

The experience within our team has proved to be essential in knowing the essential questions to ask. We can if requested work closely with your healthcare professionals to ensure you gain the maximum benefit. Our main aim is to listen to your requirements and get you as comfortable, supported and mobile as possible providing independence and safety.

For some clients we suggest that they hire a mobility vehicle initially to provide them with the opportunity to see how they get on. We can arrange this on a short or long term contract.

We stock Karma Wheelchairs who in our opinion have always been reliable, and superior in quality and service, being light - easy to handle and push - comfortable to use.

When delivering new mobility equipment and Wheelchairs John and Judith always ensure that their clients fully understand all the neccessary instructions and are confident with it.